Our Team

Smooth July 10, 2015

Well-qualified people make it possible to deliver high-quality results. Our team of highly skilled and experienced experts, including on-site Medical Team and Certified Laser Technicians, are dedicated to making your experience at Dermal Laser memorable.

DR. DANIEL Y. FUNG,  Medical Director

Trained in Advanced Filler Techniques and certified as a BOTOX® Injector and BELKYRA Trainer, Dr. Fung’s commitment to continuing research and education ensures his patients receive the full benefits of today’s top procedures, techniques, and equipment. He firmly believes that research and training are only meaningful when they can be applied to a satisfied client, and finds client relationships and service the most rewarding part of his work. Dr. Fung’s experience, skill, and patient care have resulted in a growing list of loyal clients who swear by his thoroughness and attention to detail.

Dr. Fung earned his medical degree from the University of Alberta in 1990. He is a member of the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine, the British Columbia Medical Association, and the Canadian Medical Association. He has also been appointed Examiner for the Medical Council of Canada, Qualifying Examination Part II.

“Perhaps the most exciting and satisfying aspect is mixing artistry and science to help each client achieve their personal goals. We need to be able to understand the client’s needs, visualize the changes and then execute them safely and consistently.” Dr.Daniel Y. Fung

LINDA LAM, Registered Nurse and Injector

Linda completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2005 and a Bachelor of Science in 2009 from University of Alberta. As a Registered Nurse she has received training in cosmetic injectables under the supervision of Dr. Fung, Dermal Laser’s Medical Director and Allergan.

Linda’s area of interest in nursing include dermatology and mental health. She is a member of the Dermatology Nurses’ Association and holds a certificate in skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal.

Linda believes in a collaborative and individualized approach when working with her clients as each client is unique and has different goals. She strives to help clients look their best as she is aware that positive personal appearance can be associated with feeling better about oneself. She continues to increase her knowledge and skills about new techniques and new products through ongoing education.

Linda’s hobbies include taking care of animals, snowboarding, yoga, and knitting.



DORA STEPANCEV, Clinic Manager/Skin Health Specialist/Certified Laser Technician

Dora is a Medical Aesthetic globetrotter. After working many years as a Medical Lab. Tech., she switched her focus in 1997 to Medical Aesthetics. Along with her international diploma she holds a BC Aesthetics licence and has graduated from London School of Aesthetics. Since then Dora has been continuously upgrading her knowledge base by taking educational courses and seminars. In 2002 she entered Vancouver medical aesthetics scene as a Skin Health Specialist and Certified Laser Technician, also teaching at reputable Aesthetics Colleges.

Dora has been part of the Dermal Laser Team since 2007. In 2010 she become the Manager of our flagship Downtown Clinic. She is a valued expert in the field and her main objective is to ensure that every client achieves his or her desired goals. She listens attentively to their requests, believes in trust, quality and results.
Dora is an exquisite art lover, enjoys cooking and taking long walks and bike rides along Vancouver’s Seawall.

Dora’s motto is: “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not.”― Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emerson’s Essays 



NATASHA ERRICO, Certified Laser Technician / Skin Health Specialist

Natasha has been working in the beauty industry for over a decade, focusing more on Skin health care and Laser technology since 2012 when she received her Diploma from All Body Laser Institute as well further Certification from the Dermal Laser Training Institute.

As soon as you meet Natasha you will feel her warmth and welcoming energy. She takes great pride in advising her clients on the best skin and laser treatment regime. Her goal is to bring out the beauty that you already possess and help you become the best version of yourself.

Natasha extends her love of beauty and well-being into every aspect of her life. She is passionate about researching nutrition and in her free time can be found taking yoga classes at posh Vancouver studios.


MANJ SHERGILL, Esthetician / Certified Laser Technician / Administrative Coordinator

Manj has had a passion for the beauty industry most of her life. She has been licensed since 2005 as an Esthetician and Laser technician working with a variety of lasers. Since then she has mastered a wide range of cosmetic and esthetic techniques.

As our North Vancouver Administrative Coordinator, Manj places high value on listening to our clients, giving them her full attention in order to understand their concerns. Manj is then in a position to recommend a customized treatment protocol tailored to the client’s needs and budget. She strives for the unlimited! Her devotion to our clients has allowed her to build a special bond with each and every one. Manj continues to be a devoted and outstanding team player here at Dermal Laser.

Manj believes in continual education and strives to stay at the forefront of her field with her knowledge of new products and services available.

Manj is a fashionista who enjoys fine wining and dining.



ANITA DOBY, Certified Laser Technician

In 2000, Anita joined the Dermal Laser team. She was already a licensed Electrologist who specialized in treating women’s face. Entering the field of laser hair removal was the next natural step in attaining her goal.

As a Certified Laser Technician with Dermal Laser, Anita draws on her affinity for helping people solve problems to create realistic solutions that cater to each client’s specific hair removal needs. Her favourite part of the day is sharing in the amazement her clients feel at the quick and dramatic results that laser hair removal provides.

Animals hold a special place in Anita’s heart, especially the ones that need to be rescued.


RAMONA SUCIU, Skin Health Specialist / Certified Laser Technician

Ramona graduated from Blanche MacDonald obtaining her diploma and BC license as an esthetician in 2009. Prior to that she had a decade of experience as an esthetician in Europe. Ramona received her certification in laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation at the Dermal Laser Training Institute in 2010. Drawing on her extensive experience and knowledge, Ramona has a keen ability to diagnose skin conditions and recommend the best course of treatments for anti-aging, Rosacea, eliminating sun damage as well as improving skin tone and texture. Her expertise in microdermabrasion and medical grade peels to exfoliate and polish the skin will enhance any treatment. Ramona’s knowledge of medical grade product lines will ensure that you are receiving the best recommendations that will deliver results for you.

Ramona is avid nature lover who enjoys hiking. She also dedicates her spare time in helping new immigrants assimilate to life in Canada.

GINA HENDERSON, Operations Manager

When somebody asks who Gina is to Dermal Laser there is one answer only:
Gina IS Dermal Laser.
Gina has dedicated her life to building and growing the Dermal brand since the early days of the Company.

She is undoubtedly one of Canada’s foremost laser treatment experts and educator. Gina has been working with medical lasers since they were first introduced into the Canadian market. This was preceded with 14 years of experience as a Medical Electrologist working with a well-known Ottawa dermatologist. She has also conducted extensive research in the field of laser hair removal. In the laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation industry, Gina is an icon.

Gina heads up the training programs at the Dermal Laser Training Institute, establishing standards and quality control measures. She closely monitors the operations at each clinic to ensure quality is never compromised and customer satisfaction and expectations are always met.

Gina is an open minded person who treats everybody equally. She enjoys life to the fullest and loves traveling to the undiscovered gems of Canada and abroad. Dermal Laser is never far from her heart and mind.

Words of wisdom that Gina lives by:
“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist