Medical Microneedling

Smooth January 20, 2016

What Is Medical Microneedling?

Medical Microneedling is a revolutionary procedure which aims to tighten, lift and rejuvenate skin.
Medical Microneedling  can visibly improve the appearance of:*

  • fine lines
  • wrinkles
  • surgical, acne and trauma scars
  • stretch marks
  • pigmentation
  • …and much more

Medical Microneedling is suited for more aggressive skin remodeling treatments as well as deeper rejuvenation procedures. Medical Microneedling  allows the practitioner to penetrate up to 2.5 mm into the skin, activating the cascade of fibroblasts deep within the dermis to ensure a favorable treatment result when it is needed. When it comes to scars, deeper treatments not only successfully break down larger clumps of collagen predominantly found in scars, they also promote the proliferation of normal collagen to replace broken down scar tissue.

Medical Microneedling offers unparalleled collagen induction by harnessing the body’s innate ability to re-grow and repair the skin as a response to micro-damage. This small, hand-held device delivers up to 1,300 micro punctures per second into the skin, thus stimulating the production of collagen and elastin and normalizing various skin functions.

DermapenPrePost*Individual treatment results may vary.

Medical Microneedling uses controlled precision which promotes three phases of Collagen Induction Therapy mechanics, thus allowing for new collagen growth to occur.

The first phase begins with the release of the body’s own growth factors, followed by a cascade of new epidermal growth, fibroblast chemo-taxis, fibroblast proliferation, and matrix production.

This proliferation of the body’s tissue continues to release growth factors from fibroblasts, keratinocytes and monocytes, culminating in the second phase of Collagen Induction Therapy  mechanics, where production of collagen I, III, and IV, elastin, proteoglycans and glycosoaminoglycans, and the process of angiogenesis occur.

The last phase of Collagen Induction Therapy and the desired result of a Medical Microneedling  treatment is the tissue remodeling process, where the skin’s vascular matrix matures, causing skin to tighten. The body’s ability to remodel and heal itself is at the heart of this amazing product. Moreover, because the process never involves heat or thermal energy, does not use harsh chemicals or cause unnecessary trauma, the skin heals quickly, requiring minimal downtime.

This procedure has been used to treat visible signs of aging, such as skin atrophy and wrinkles, as well as various types of scarring, stretch marks, several types of pigmentation disorders, sun damaged skin, and much more.*

In addition, Medical Microneedling is a fantastic skin care product delivery procedure. Any product applied to the skin during or immediately after a Medical Microneedling treatment is very easily absorbed into the skin, rendering it much more effective than with a traditional topical application.

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* Individual treatment times and results may vary.