Beauty. Wrapped Up.

Botox and Dermal Fillers

June has been lady beauty month here at House of Beauty and we hope you have walked away knowing that all of us at Dermal Laser are here to support your personal definition of beauty. Having talked about the Vectus Laser and Zo’s Body Emulsion this month, what dawns on us as far as beauty […]

Head To Toe Care with Body Emulsion

At Dermal Laser, we love products! Especially when there is a staff fave across the board! And today we will share with you what we have all been using (and loving) for a while now! Last week on the blog we discussed the Vectus Laser and this weeks product actually goes hand in hand with […]

Smooth. Is Always In Style.

We are excited to share our very first technical blog with you today! We train our staff to educate our clients during consultations and throughout their treatment series with us and now we are happy to plant some seeds of safety for you today as we chat a little smoothness, with the help of the […]

Beauty. Define It.

Ladies! House of Beauty is dedicated to you for the next month!  We just wrapped up our month for the men in all of our lives and how they can keep their skin tuned up and in great shape! They heard about the classics that we all know well (think sunscreen, exfoliation, and general maintenance) […]