Let It Glow!

Sugar Cane. Pineapples. Citrus. Its recipe day on the blog today! But we aren’t infusing water (which you should be drinking lots of for your skins health) nor are we making you a smoothie! We are talking skin. And the ingredient list to give it the glow we know you all want! Last week we […]

Lets Get Physical!

How do you like your textures? Fine like sugar? A little grainy like pepper? Maybe more coarse like Himalayan Pink Sea Salt? Like texture preference, there is always a preference when choosing a product to exfoliate with (and just to be clear, we aren’t suggesting you use pepper to scrub up before bed tonight!). This […]

To Exfoliate. And How. That Is The Question.

July on the blog is all about scrubbing! But we aren’t talking scrubbing your floors, we have 5 blogs that are far more exciting! We are talking scrubbing your skin! Today we are going to chat types of exfoliation and exfoliation basics. We will be getting into physical exfoliation, chemical exfoliation, body exfoliation and then […]