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They say you’ll never have a second chance to make a first impression. But I can’t help but disagree, sort of. Wouldn’t it be great if your second impression was even better then the first? If you returned to a place of business where they remembered your name and the little details of life you may have shared? Where they followed up with you and found the answers to the questions you may have? In an ever changing industry, some things need to stay the same. Trusted staff. A trustworthy meeting place. And the knowledge that the information you read, that we share, is genuine. We will run our blog as we run our business. With you, and us, both in mind. Whether you are our current client, new or old, and know what all the buzz is about. Or we are yet to meet. Our goal is to provide you with something consistent. To help you feel confident, whether it be hands on with in office treatments, or at home with respected, results based skin care. We have a reputation to uphold (recently winning Best Of Vancouver for the 4th consecutive year as well as being a Consumers Choice winner many times over), and that means something to us. Our staff call one of the most beautiful cities in the world home. Consistently named among the top cities worldwide for quality of living as well as one of the healthiest. It is possible to golf and ski on the same day. Whether you choose to start that day on a beach with coffee, or end it on a beach with cocoa is up to you. It is Vancouver BC, on Canada’s beautiful West Coast. At this time of year our staff can walk to work surrounded by snow capped mountains while wearing sunglasses on a sunny day! And even though we have wet days ahead of us, rain in the city means snow on the mountains! That kind of beauty is to be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike with a day on the slopes or a meal overlooking our beautiful city from the one of our revolving restaurants or the top of Grouse Mountain itself. We are a city that takes our beauty and fashion seriously (recently hosting Vancouver Fashion Week). We are also host annually to numerous conferences and events (notably the 2010 Winter Olympics, as of 2014, home to the annual TED conference and we will be host to the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup). People travel from around the world, year round to see what we live every single day. We are fortunate enough to play a large part in keeping the people of this beautiful place we call home looking their best! With so much beauty created and maintained by the knowledge and passion of our staff, the time is now to start interacting with you, our clients, our clients to be, our neighbours, and our future visitors, here. We will use this space to review products, share our staff picks for both products and fave beauty tips, treatment reviews and suggestions. We will also share our involvement in the community and look forward to your involvement with questions and comments! Connect with us here to be the first to receive our new posts! And while you are at it, connect with us across our social media on your platform of choice! In time, we will be your host to contests and give aways that you won’t want to miss!

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