Beauty. Define It.


Ladies! House of Beauty is dedicated to you for the next month!  We just wrapped up our month for the men in all of our lives and how they can keep their skin tuned up and in great shape! They heard about the classics that we all know well (think sunscreen, exfoliation, and general maintenance) and now its all about you and your beauty.

At House Of Beauty, we love classic. We love honest. And we want, with every post, for you to walk away a little more knowledge in hand then you came in, and more empowered with your own beauty in mind. Before we dive into what to expect in the weeks to come and where our focus will be, we want to make sure you read the quote above. “A girl should be who and what she wants” A classic from Coco Chanel herself. Think of what we are offering as a buffet. You are welcome to sample it all. We will support you equally for knowing what it is you do and do not want (or like) as far as treatments and products go. Our focus is to educate you, and allow you to make your own choices, in the name of beauty. Speaking of beauty, lets define it.

beau·ty ( byo͞odē ) noun/a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

Now take that definition to heart. Because at the end of the day, it is you looking in the mirror, the sight of self, that we want to encourage you to see is all that matters. That could mean smooth skin, free of hair. That could mean a silky smooth body thanks to exfoliation. It could mean anything from having no wrinkles, to some natural looking fine lines to leaving your laugh lines as nature (and life) has left them. Beauty, for you, could mean keeping a flawless complexion that you can now acquire that you never had growing up. It could also mean simply removing that one sun spot that you have always noticed in family photos. Moral of the story. The definition is broad, and we encourage you to define it for yourself. Whatever it is, we can help.

Looking ahead. We are really excited to have a Vectus laser for laser hair removal! Next week we will be focusing on a quick laser eduction for you. Even though the warm months are upon us, it may still be something that you can swing if you work indoors like us! If you are outdoorsy and need to wait for fall, then this will be a great post for you to start understanding why you will need to wait! After a laser treatment, we always offer post treatment support in the form of product suggestions to speed the healing process and drive your results home for smooth skin with a beautiful even skin tone. So two weeks from now we will be chatting products (and we have chosen a staff fave for you) To close out our month celebrating your lady beauty, we will feel out our new and improved definition of beauty, we will remind you why treatments and products go hand in hand as well as a few tips and a quote or two to encourage and inspire beauty from within (think infused water and sleep) We hope you are all as excited as we are!

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