Beauty. Wrapped Up.

Botox and Dermal Fillers

June has been lady beauty month here at House of Beauty and we hope you have walked away knowing that all of us at Dermal Laser are here to support your personal definition of beauty.

Having talked about the Vectus Laser and Zo’s Body Emulsion this month, what dawns on us as far as beauty is concerned at Dermal Laser comes down to one word. Safety.

Whether you choose to treat your skin in office, undergo treatments for laser hair removal, or simply take home skin care products for daily use, your safety is of the utmost importance to us. If going forward you are interested in treatments, please always know that any technician needs to know the exposure that your skin has had to the sun to keep you safe. As well, the use of self tanning products needs to be disclosed. If you are looking into treating your skin, and/or the use of Botox or fillers, some skin care products that you may be using at home can play a role in your skins safety as well and should be properly discussed. Putting your skin in our hands means sharing your regimes and lifestyle honestly so that we can help you have the best of all worlds with the most effective treatments as well as using your at home products as close to and soon after treatment as possible, and our staff are here to walk you through that!

Regardless of what we may be seeing you for at Dermal Laser, there are a few things that we would like to encourage, in the name of beauty. Sunscreen is so important for not only your skins health and safety, but for the assistance in keeping your skins damage from the sun at a minimum (a general guideline is SPF30 every 2 hours when you are exposed to the sun, and yes that includes time spent driving) Water. While there are many recommendations as to how much water to drink, the standard 8 glasses a day is certainly still a popular “go to” and it will help you inside and out for not only your outer beauty but for your overall inner health. And sleep. It is, again, so important for your overall health, but for you looking (and feeling) your best!

We hope you have enjoyed this series of posts! July is around the corner and we will be talking exfoliation! Until then, embrace your beauty! And feel free to drop us a line below telling us how you are doing it! ~DLC