A double chin is one of the most challenging areas to get rid of because even weight loss can prevent you from seeing any changes and the fullness under your chin will still remain. Often, genetics and ageing play a part in this condition as well, making it very difficult to treat. 

Patients have been very limited in terms of what they can do regarding treatment options. However, there is a new treatment that is specially designed to reduce the fat below the chin and in many cases is able to eliminate it completely, allowing the patient to rediscover their chin by redefining its shape. This treatment is known as Belkyra, which is sometimes also referred to as Kybella.

This new treatment is non-invasive and uses an injection which targets the cell membrane of the fat cells that cause a person to have a double chin. The injection disrupts the fat cells which causes the contents to diffuse into the surrounding space which the body then naturally removes. The Belkyra treatment allows the free fatty acids to be removed safely.

This submental fat reduction treatment is the only one approved by Health Canada as well as the FDA. It is non-surgical and effective, and requires very little recovery. The main ingredient is deoxycholic acid, which helps with both the breakdown and absorption of fat. Injecting this ingredient causes the destruction of fat cells, preventing them from being able to store away fat. 

This treatment is so effective that once you reach your desired aesthetic appearance, you will most likely not need any additional treatments or have to do any maintenance sessions to maintain the appearance of your redefined chin. During the process, however, several treatments will be required to see results, depending on the look you want to achieve. It will be based on each patient’s unique profile and how they wish to contour their chin. 

This non-invasive and non-surgical treatment is gaining a lot of popularity because people do not feel comfortable with the appearance of a double chin. Belkyra allows patients to eliminate the fat below their chin and get rid of the fullness they are not fond of. You may experience some swelling and a little bit of pain in the area of the injection, but overall, the downtime and recovery period is very minimal and you will be able to see remarkable results in a very short amount of time, making Belkyra a great option to consider.

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