Good Manners are Vital, and Beautiful.

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They say that beauty is a light in the heart, that it is simplicity, that it comes from within. And while beauty isn’t makeup, or being made up, they say that those that are beautiful leave beauty wherever they go. For the rest of the month we will be focusing on male beauty, and all that it entails.

Beauty regimes aren’t just for the ladies, or the up and coming. They are for the young, preventatively, and the young at heart, sometimes requiring a repair here or there for past damage. As far as beauty goes, we can compare products and treatments to a classic car. Classic is classic. And if something works, we don’t necessarily need to reinvent the wheel (I think most of our male clients would agree we can leave the fads to the ladies).

As we look to the weeks ahead here at House of Beauty, you will be hearing about some classics that were, and are, and will always be. Sunscreen, exfoliation, and general maintenance (think cleansing basics, and minor prevention both in and/or out of office) with a little hands on homework for you!

(From Wikipedia) “Haute couture is fashion that is constructed by hand from start to finish, made from high quality, expensive, often unusual fabric…” Lets coin a new phrase, Skin Couture. Gentlemen. Wrap your head around the fact that this industry, the one of beauty, medi spas and Botox, is not to exclude you. We are here to help you see that your skin care routine, like haute couture, is one that can be designed from beginning to end with you, your life style and budget in mind. The products will be of the best quality, in a quantity that you will actually use. The tips and tricks of the trade may, at times, be unusual. And the classics, will always be.

Couture, by definition, pertains to a client’s specific requirements. The requirements we hear the most from our growing male client base remain the same. A system with ease, one that is manageable; A plan with clear results; a good return on investment. And may we suggest and end with the requirement that your new regime will ultimately have you feeling (and rocking) that inner and outer male beauty!

If you take the advice of Tom Ford, and consider dressing well a form of good manners. Lets up the ante with “dressing” your skin as well. For it is the outfit you always have with you, regardless of your jeans and hoodie or three piece suit. No matter your age or your industry, we are here to put some beauty and skin education into your hands and hope to see you run with it!