Head To Toe Care with Body Emulsion

At Dermal Laser, we love products! Especially when there is a staff fave across the board! And today we will share with you what we have all been using (and loving) for a while now!

Last week on the blog we discussed the Vectus Laser and this weeks product actually goes hand in hand with treatments as well as being an amazing stand alone product whether you have finished a series of treatments or haven’t had laser hair removal before.

As a stand alone product, Zo’s Body Emulsion will both soften and brighten the skin while correcting pigmentation and discolouration. This all occurs thanks to the combination of lactic acid, specially formulated retinols and emollients allowing for the creation and retention of youthful skin, in both the skins appearance and to the touch.

For our laser hair removal clients, this is a long term relationship waiting to happen between your skin and this product. Throughout your series of treatments you can use this product up to 48 hours prior to treatment. The use of this product, while not required, when used pre treatment will assist in removing dead skin cells, aka exfoliating the skin. What this will do during your treatment is help the laser to penetrate better rather then fighting its way through layers of dead skin allowing for better results.

5 to 7 days post treatment, you can start up your use of Body Emulsion and it will help to exfoliate both the build up of dry and dead skin as well as help the treated hairs to purge allowing you to see and feel the smooth results that laser hair removal brings!

Whether you are excited to prevent the loss of moisture in your skin with the hydration that comes from Zo’s Body Emulsion, excited to enjoy the smooth skin that will result from its exfoliation or happy to hear your skin will be nourished from head to toe we encourage you to add this product to your skin care regime!