How should I prepare for my CoolSculpting treatment?


Whenever we are thinking of putting ourselves through any cosmetic treatments it is pretty normal to feel anxious and unsure. We continually evaluate whether or not the treatment is right for us, what benefits are promised and whether there will be any side effects of the procedure. As an informed consumer, we tend to read a lot about treatments before we pick the right clinic. With CoolSculpting at Dermal Laser you can feel quite confident that the procedure is an extremely safe and non-invasive with very little risk. Although there is hardly any preparation one needs to do before the treatment, there are a few things that you can do to prepare yourself so that you are as comfortable as possible.

1. Have a consultation

Before opting for CoolSculpting, a consultation with a Certified CoolSculpting technician must be done in order to determine whether you are an ideal and safe candidate. According to experts, it is best to be within 25-pounds of your ideal weight before undergoing the procedure. Also for effective results, you need enough pliable fat that can be manipulated by the CoolSculpting handpiece device. Your unwanted fat must be distinct and your skin must possess the necessary elasticity. In case you have an active infection or your skin has been broken you will need to postpone your treatment until you have recovered.

2. Determine the number of treatments you will need

Most patients undergo 1-3 sessions with a gap of 2 months in between for the best results. Every case is unique and will depend on the area, type of fat, your general well being, etc. Your initial consultation will give you an idea of what kind of results are likely, the amount of applicators needed and how many sessions you will require.

3. During the treatment

Try and relax before your treatment and bring something like your iPad or a book to keep your mind occupied. Each applicator sits on you for 35-75 mins. In that time you will be confined to the treatment bed so make sure you bring a snack as well.

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