Introducing The Next Generation Skin Resurfacing Treatment: Venus Viva Nano-Fractional Laser

Is skin damage getting to you? Are your acne scars scarring your confidence? Are enlarged pores, wrinkles, redness from rosacea, pigmentation and unevenness giving you anxiety? Here’s the answer you were looking for: Venus Viva Nano-Fractional Laser. 

Unlike many other skin resurfacing treatments, Venus Viva Nano-Fractional Laser is a one-stop solution that works on all skin tones and complexions, not just light skin. This advanced, non-invasive procedure works wonders on the overall texture of your skin. It restores smoothness, evenness and a freshness that leaves you glowing through every season. The treatment doesn’t take much downtime. You can go about your daily activities the next day post treatment and wear makeup 24-hours later. How does it work? Have a look below:

What does it do?

Venus Viva™ takes about 30 minutes in the first treatment.

  • Tiny pins are inserted through the skin’s surface to deliver heat safely through NanoFractional RF™. 
  • The insertions create tiny micro-dermal wounds that trigger cell regeneration to heal, repairing skin damage over three to five sessions. 
  • Don’t worry! The treatment doesn’t damage your skin further. The wounds are microscopic. The body’s natural mechanism springs into action, releasing collagen-producing cells to heal from deep within, replacing old cells with healthy, new ones. 

Venus Viva is far more comfortable than other laser treatments. 

  • Within just three to five sessions in about four to six weeks, you will see a visible difference. 
  • It is similar to micro-needling but you enjoy significantly less downtime and the treatment penetrates deeper. 

How does it work?

Venus Viva™ uses an advanced Nano-Fractional Radio Frequency with SmartScan™ technology – the first and only fractional radio frequency (RF) system. It allows the aesthetician to smoothly control ablation, coagulation, and resurfacing mild to severe skin damage. The tool is lightweight and safe for all skin types. 

You can get the treatment done any time of the year. It’s the modern way to reduce the signs of aging and refresh the skin without resorting to painful, invasive, surgeries. It’s a game-changer for anyone looking to rejuvenate their skin. 

Venus Viva softens deep lines, tightens enlarged pores, reduces wrinkles and stretch marks and reveals the younger, smoother skin hiding beneath the surface. 

What’s more, the treatment delivers heat through NanoFractional RF Technology which is safe, no matter what skin condition you use it for. 


It doesn’t take long to bounce back from the treatment. 

  • Avoid using cosmetics on your face for 24-hours. 
  • Keep away from the sun for 24-hours as well.

That’s it! The next day you can go about your day as usual. No one can tell that you went through a procedure. The redness will go soon, and in a couple of days, your skin will fully heal from the barely visible marks from the treatment. Repeat treatments may be required, depending on the condition of your skin. Give it about three months for the full results to show, after the procedure is complete. 

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