Lets Get Physical!

How do you like your textures? Fine like sugar? A little grainy like pepper? Maybe more coarse like Himalayan Pink Sea Salt? Like texture preference, there is always a preference when choosing a product to exfoliate with (and just to be clear, we aren’t suggesting you use pepper to scrub up before bed tonight!).

This week we are touching on physical exfoliants. And if we remember from last week, exfoliation itself removes the buildup of dead skin cells. If left alone, that dead skin that might seem harmless can actually be the cause of many unnecessary breakouts. When given an eviction notice, through exfoliation, you will reveal the brighter skin below. Pretty cool. And so easy! (Just for fun, did you know you can actually exfoliate with red wine? In case you are home and don’t have time to see us for a treatment or shop for some new products, click here and do it yourself in the meantime with this fun Red Wine Sugar Scrub!)

So what does a physical exfoliation look like you may be wondering. Physical exfoliation manually removes the outer most skin cells with the most common at home method being a granular scrub (think oatmeal or sugar, like the soft lip scrub we told you about last week, as a base to give it little particles or grains). You do want to choose the right product to not damage your skin as ingredients such as fruit pits and many ground nuts or their shells can cause a lot of undue irritation. The use of a washcloth for product removal is, in itself, a gentle form of exfoliation.

At Dermal Laser, we offer an in office form of physical exfoliation called Microdermabrasion. It is the most common form of physical exfoliation, and is done with the use of DiamondTome technology, utilising a diamond encrusted wand to vacuum and exfoliate the skin gently. You heard that right, diamonds. In your skin care regime. How amazing!

The benefits are amazing and it is a pain free, no risk or downtime treatment! Some of our clients favourite benefits include that Micro dermabrasion reduces hyper pigmentation, reduces acne scars, helps to control oily skin, reduces the look of your pores all while extracting blackheads and whiteheads, creating a smooth skin surface (which is great for makeup application) and adding to the overall improvement of your skins health.

The greatest thing about physical exfoliation is that you can use a combination of “do it yourself” mixtures if you’re in a pinch, use any number of wonderful products on the market, and you can balance that with an in office treatment as the icing on the cake (the cake being your skin!).

What is the wildest exfoliation product you’ve come across? Comment below! We would love to hear from you! (And just for fun we found you the list of the Worlds Most Expensive Spa Treatments which you can read by clicking here, we all agree that an Evian bath sounds heavenly!)