Microneedling is a non-surgical skin procedure that has gained popularity over recent years for its collagen building effects. But with all the microneedling devices on the market, does this treatment have to be done at a clinic? Will using a cosmetic dermaroller at home produce the same results as in clinic medical microneedling?

Throughout this blog, we will take a closer look at the differences of each.

What is Microneedling?

Cosmetic microneedling with a dermaroller and medical microneedling each work based on the same mechanism. By penetrating the skins superficial layers rapidly with fine needles, micro-channels are created in the skin, stimulating a healing response which helps to build new collagen. This results in improvement of skin imperfections like fine lines, discolouration, enlarged pores, scars and texture.


Dermarollers are cosmetic needling devices typically used at home. The device has a wheel with hundreds of fine needles wrapped around it, which is rolled across the treatment area. Typically used at home, the depths of these needles (0.25-0.5 mm) are often not long enough to penetrate the dermal layer effectively, to stimulate great collagen growth.

Dermarollers on the market over 0.5 mm are not safe to be used at home. Penetrating skin at a deeper level without a sterile protocol can put you at risk for infections and skin damage. Also, studies state that rollers at deeper needle lengths can cause skin tearing from rolling needles at an angle. This can produce unnecessary skin damage that may cause more harm than good (see image below).

Shorter needle length may not be suitable if you’re looking to improve skin imperfections. Although, they are great at improving skincare product absorption and stimulating blood flow.

Medical Microneedling

Medical microneedling is performed in a clinic by trained medical estheticians using advanced devices, and proper techniques. Medical grade needling devices are able to penetrate deeper and more accurately to induce collagen growth and deliver actual results.

During a medical microneedling treatment, the technician will be using a disposable needle tip assuring the sterility and sharpness. The device oscillates vertically creating clean micro-channels in the skins dermal layer. The technician will be customising needle depth throughout treatment according to skins needs, resulting in a safe and effective treatment. There is no need to worry about feeling uncomfortable during treatment, as the topical anesthetic will thoroughly numb the area prior to treatment. At Dermal Laser, we offer original medical microneedling using hyaluronic acid as well as the option of microneedling with Platelet-rich plasma.

Here at Dermal Laser, medical microneedling is a treatment that can be done on almost all skin types. During a skin consultation, an experienced technician will assess your skin to find out if you are a candidate and determine a treatment protocol for your skin type.

From improving skin texture, scarring and skin tone to simply wanting to improve your skins luminosity, medical microneedling has got you covered!

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