She’s Got That Glow!

Did you know that Canada wide there are more babies born in August then any other month? Seeing as we are in the midst of summer enjoying all things Vancouver this time of year, we thought we would celebrate pregnancy this month on the blog!

There are so many beautiful things to celebrate about pregnancy from the excitement of finding out you are expecting, to watching your body evolve and enjoying the perks of some fun craving induced food. While few would argue that pregnancy is one of the most amazing times in your life, that doesn’t make it the most comfortable.

We have all heard about the glow of a pregnant woman, yet many don’t talk about what pregnancy hormones are capable of doing to your skin. There is also some confusion as to what is and is not acceptable as far as skin care products and in office treatments go.

Rest assured, we are here to help! Next week we will be talking about some common skin issues such as acne and melasma caused by pregnancy as well as why it is crucial to wear sunscreen during pregnancy for prevention of life long permanent damage.

Do you have a skin related pregnancy question? We would love to answer it!

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