Should You Use Groupon for Medical Grade Skin Care Treatments?

Dermal Laser Centre

You must have seen online ads of aestheticians promising miraculous results for medical grade beauty treatments at unbelievable Groupon deals. From full face IPL treatments to reduce wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage to chemical peels and microneedling for flawless results, these treatments are offered at ridiculous discounts – sometimes as much as 70 to 80 percent off! It’s tempting to explore these treatments but the thing is, if they sound too good to be true, they probably are! 

Listen to your sixth sense. Ask these questions to yourself before you fall for the deals:

  • Are the products, equipment and machines of the highest quality?
  • Are the instruments sterilized properly? 
  • Are the aestheticians medically certified? 
  • Are reviews of the results truly as promised? 
  • Do the businesses offer customized treatments or follow the same formula for all?
  • Are you sure the positive feedback you find online is authentic? 

It pays to observe caution about these incredible deals. Sometimes, there are no reviews at all or the customer complaints outweigh the appreciation. It’s time you took a good hard look at Groupon and found out whether it’s really worth it! 

What is Groupon? 

Groupon is a service that offers huge discounts and deals for products or services offered by businesses on their list. The discounts are usually about 50 to 80%. You need to be included in their email list to get the “deal of the day.” It may sound exciting for customers and helps small local businesses reach to expand their base, but here’s the catch! As you correctly heard, a good majority of these businesses are small local businesses!

There are Groupon horror stories that you may find on the internet when the promised standards of service don’t meet expectations. When it comes to cosmetic procedures and skin care treatment, the damage can be irreparable. 

Most customers confess that after a Groupon purchase, what remains more thrilling is the incredible deal they enjoyed, not the quality of the service itself. 

For honest, small companies looking to establish their business, Groupon deals diminishes their value because the prices are so cheap, so it’s not a win-win situation for anyone. Since Groupon takes a hefty cut from them, these businesses can barely make any profit. Once a customer enjoys such ridiculous discounts, they may hesitate to purchase the service at full price later. 

Trust Only Certified Clinics

Medical grade beauty treatments must be carried out only by certified practitioners for your safety. It is extremely unsafe to put yourself in the hands of unqualified technicians just to save a few dollars. It pays to invest in high-quality, physician-directed beauty treatments.

Dermal Laser has been providing the highest standards of skin care services for 20 years. Under the supervision of trained professionals and our well respected Medical Director, Dr. Daniel Fung, Dermal Laser focuses on medical grade and custom solutions to all skin concerns. 

We take time to listen to your health history and help you attain your beauty goals with top quality, safe and reliable treatment plans that have offered proven results. Our popular procedures, such as Coolsculpting, Botox and Dermal Fillers, Microneedling and Laser Hair Removal, among others, give you long-term results without any surgery or downtime. Our exclusive specials and promotions help you save on purchases without any compromise on the best care. It’s just our way of giving back to thank you for your loyalty. Call us to book a consultation to know more about our premium services.