Skincare ABCs

With the glow of pregnancy skin under way, this is no time to slack on your daily skin care routine! There are plenty of quality products that you can use and enjoy the woman-washing-face-with-water-horizbenefits of throughout your pregnancy. Many that will also help prevent damage from occurring or reverse damage that may have already happened. We are excited to help you know what options we offer you as well as continue to educate you as to the “why” on each of them!

Whether your skin has stayed the same or has undergone some changes (for better logoor worse) with your pregnancy, targetting any excess oil as well as removing impurities from the skin should always be a welcome part of your skin care regime. You can do that for dry, normal or oily skin types with a targeted cleanser. At Dermal Laser we use ZO Skin Health and can confidently recommend their products to you.

FOAMACLEANSE is a gentle cleanser, good for all skin types including those with sensitive skin. NORMACLEANSE will help your dry to normal skin (adding in ZO’s exfoliating polish will give you your own mini microdermbrasion at home) and for more oily skin prone to breakouts OILACLEANSE is the right choice for you. If your skin, whether day to day or during your pregnancy has excess oil, the BALATONE calming toner will also help bring balance to your skin.

Now that your daily cleansing and toning has been covered, its time to ice the cake (as far as your skin care goes!) Times have changed, and the misconception that pregnancy means saltine crackers, minimal exercise and no respectable skin care products is behind us! As we discussed in our previous blog on Melasma, pigmentation issues can be easily avoided with not only sunscreen and the avoidance of daily times when the sun is at is strongest (think early afternoon hours) but also with the use of products that will break down damage that has already occurred allowing you to finish your pregnancy and start the next chapter called motherhood with beautiful skin!

Daily Power Defence defends the skin against the damage that has been caused by the suns rays. It is a staff favourite and when you see the results that will come from breaking down past damage, you will be a fan too!

C-Bright, with 10% Vitamin C, works by rapidly exfoliating skin surface pigmentation and preventing new melanin pigment from forming. It has powerful antioxidants to defend environmental triggers that stimulate new pigment formation and with its water free formula, it self activates upon contact with the skins natural water content maximizing exfoliation and stimulating collagen.

With advanced peptides, soy and liquorice roots, BRIGHTALIVE is your skins bff. As a non retinol skin brightener, it is usable throughout your pregnancy and beyond controlling melanocites in the skin and when used daily reduces the appearance of sun damage. The best part? Brightalive is a time release product and will release anti oxidants, vitamins a, c and e and restore hydration for 12 hours.

A quick reminder that sunscreen should be a part of your daily skin care routine, before, throughout and after your pregnancy. The go to rules remain the same. Apply a minimum SPF30 30 minutes prior to sun exposure and every two hours when outdoors. ZO’s Occlipse sunscreen and primer has up to 6 hours of sun protection with its SPF30 and natural melanin, during your pregnancy we would recommend reapplying every 2 hours to stay on the safe side. The Occlipse-C SPF50 with titanium dioxide and zinc is good for both facial and body use.

Skincare ABC’s for pregnancy and beyond! Make it a routine now and continue to keep it up when your bundle of joy arrives!

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