Smooth. Is Always In Style.

We are excited to share our very first technical blog with you today! We train our staff to educate our clients during consultations and throughout their treatment series with us and now we are happy to plant some seeds of safety for you today as we chat a little smoothness, with the help of the Vectus Laser.

While laser hair removal has been around for some time now in Canada, there can still be a lot of misinformation on the market leading to misunderstanding prior to being in the right hands for treatment. With many lasers available, each with their own purpose, the results and expectations from each can also lead to confusion for the public who know they want the smooth skin that is splashed across the media in print and ad form yet have no idea where to start to achieve that goal. This is leaving many ladies shaving their legs still in 2015 and men staying committed to waxing their backs as they aren’t sure how to be safely treated.

As summer is soon upon us, we are going to focus on the Vectus Laser today and its amazing sidekick, Skintel.

The Vectus is a diode laser, simply meaning it works on skin from fair to dark. The Vectus is the fastest laser currently on the market with the largest treatment spot size, (or laser beam width; the Vectus being a rockstar with a 23mm x 38mm tip) Thanks to this, we are cutting your treatment time by more then half! With a few cooling methods on the market currently, you will enjoy the benefits of far less painful treatments thanks to the Vectus’ Advanced Contact Cooling system. The Sapphire treatment tip is helping to protect and cool your skin throughout your treatment allowing for a less painful, faster and safer treatment all around. Multiple overlapping passes are also quickly becoming a laser protocol of the past.

Icing on the cake? The Vectus is the only laser hair removal machine that has an apparatus to measure melanin content in the skin, and it is called Skintel.

This is a great tool for the safety of every client. While our technicians are well versed and able to assess each client manually with the help of the Fitzpatrick Scale (this is the scale used to classify the responses of different skin types to UV light) at Dermal Laser we use the Skintel to electronically give a reading as to melanin content. So what does this mean to you, our client? Treatment to treatment if a client has exposed their skin to the sun, while for the most part we could manually asses this, Skintel gives the operating technician feedback for optimum treatment settings and safety for each client.

Bottom line. Laser treatments have become faster, safer and the results have increased with the technology available to you, our clients. As if that isn’t enough, the cherry on top will come next week when we chat about topical products for home use allowing for better laser penetration pre treatment as well as for the long term health and look of your skin!

Thanks for reading along with us today! Have a question? Comment below and be sure to hit share to the social media of your choice to share this info with your friends! ~DLC