Should You Use Groupon for Medical Grade Skin Care Treatments?

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You must have seen online ads of aestheticians promising miraculous results for medical grade beauty treatments at unbelievable Groupon deals. From full face IPL treatments to reduce wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage to chemical peels and microneedling for flawless results, these treatments are offered at ridiculous discounts – sometimes as much as 70 to 80 […]

The importance of Medical Grade Skin Care

Skin care is very important and should be a part of your daily routine. The proper care will allow you to have healthy skin that is long lasting. While over-the-counter products are okay, they may not treat your skin in the best way, which is why medical grade skin care products are something you should […]

The journey back to my pre-mommy bod with CoolSculpting fat reduction

Hi, I’m Dora, I have been in this industry for more than 20 years, and this is by far the coolest treatment I’ve ever had. I’m a middle-aged mother who struggles to lose fat around my mid-section just like everyone else. I received my first CoolSculpting treatment on my stomach area in February 2018. I […]