That Glow!

Have you ever looked at the skin of a baby and noticed it glows? Have you ever really stopped to understand why? This month on House of Beauty we will be walking you through Skin101 and how to get your glow back! One of our clients’ favourite treatments in office with us at Dermal Laser is Skin Rejuvenation. Really the name says it all. Who wouldn’t want their skin rejuvenated?

Skin Rejuvenation is done with a machine that uses intense pulse light (often referred to as IPL). Here at Dermal Laser we use Synerons eLight, which is the only IPL that combines synergy of light as well as radio frequency. Why do you want both? Read on and we will fill you in.

Simply put, the light used in a photofacial with the eLight is the colour corrector for your skin. The radio frequency is responsible for triggering the production of new collagen. It’s really a match made in skin heaven.

What does colour correcting actually mean? There are 2 colours in the skin that can easily be targeted and treated with the multiple beams of light that are being used to treat the 7 layers that make up the epidermis. Those colours are red and brown. “The reds” are primarily seen in the skin in the way of broken blood capillaries and rosacea. “The brown” is sun damage that has accumulated and may or may not be visible on the surface of the skin as sun spots or freckles, but either way it is taking away from your youthful glow.

Moving on to the fountain of youth portion of your treatment! Radio Frequency travels to the dermis, or the skins factory where collagen and fibro blasts are produced. This triggers the production of new collagen and fibro blasts. Wait. New collagen? How is that possible you may ask. It seems too good to be true. But the reality is that anything that we do that heats up the dermis triggers the skin to produce new collagen that will lighten, tighten and brighten the skin, your skin. Fine lines appear finer. Pores are tighter and can appear smaller and the skin has a new found freshness and glow.

To paint you a clear picture of how this all works. Simply put, if you look at the skin of a baby, it glows. It glows because there are no “reds” there are no “browns” and_____1394683141 because of that, their skin is reflecting light rather then absorbing it. It is full and plump without any sign of wear and tear. If we take this a step further for you, if you look at the skin of the average grandmother, her skin probably appears quite dull. In part because of both vascular and sun damage residing in her skin are absorbing light rather then reflecting it, but also from the accumulation of dead skin on the surface giving it a grey appearance. The icing on the cake as far as results go after a photofacial, comes when you add in exfoliation. This will help to remove those layers of dead skin.

With your colour damage gone, the production of new collagen underway and the removal of dead skin cells, your skin will be fresh and glowing in the weeks following even just your first treatment. Bright with its new youthfulness and ability to reflect light, all you need to do is protect your skin from new damage with the use of sunscreen and general day to day care. Easy Peasy.

Next post on House of Beauty we will be getting into the business of what to expect at your free skin rejuvenation consultation as well as what to expect during and after your treatments!

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