The journey back to my pre-mommy bod with CoolSculpting fat reduction

Hi, I’m Dora, I have been in this industry for more than 20 years, and this is by far the coolest treatment I’ve ever had.

I’m a middle-aged mother who struggles to lose fat around my mid-section just like everyone else. I received my first CoolSculpting treatment on my stomach area in February 2018. I was surprised by how easy and painless the treatment was. In fact, it was relaxing, and I managed to get quite a bit of work done while laying on the treatment bed.

It started with a consultation with Natasha, the certified CoolSculpting Specialist who did a thorough examination of the area and went over my medical history to make sure I was an appropriate candidate. It’s an artistic process, the applicators really need to be placed precisely depending on each individual body shape. This was to determine how many zones I needed for the area I was wanting treated (zones = how many applicators you need).

The process began with her tracing each CoolSculpting applicator template over each fat bulge to best outline the area. Prior to treatment, each area is thoroughly cleansed with a pre-treatment wipe. She then placed a thin gel pad on top of the first zone to be treated. This was my first cooling sensation. Upon placing the applicator, she then turned on the vacuum suction. The feeling was like a vacuum literally sucking my fat in. She propped me up with pillows to make sure I was comfortable and covered me with a blanket. Now we were ready to start the actual cooling/fat freezing. I must admit, I felt a bit anxious as I am never really comfortable being cold. To my surprise, the coldness was gradual and totally tolerable especially since it is on very localized spot. The rest of my body felt normal temperature. There was no real discomfort, especially since the cooling plateaued in under 10 minutes. After plateauing, I made use of my time by catching up on some e-mails and phone calls. Each zone lasted about 35 minutes.

Natasha made sure I had everything I needed in my reach eg. laptop, phone, water etc. The machine is equipped with a page button that I could press at any time to contact her if I needed anything else.

Before I knew it, the cycle was over at which time I was given a 2-minute vigorous massage over the treated area. She then apply the applicator to the next zone.

My 5 belly zones took an afternoon to complete. I couldn’t believe how easy freezing fat was! My stomach area was numb and a bit red. I went back to work that afternoon and left feeling totally normal, just a bit tender.

Natasha, Dermal’s CoolSculpting specialist, told me I would see optimal results in about 2-3 months and she was spot on. I started to really see my fat dissolving at around 2 months post treatment. My body was transforming before my eyes to the shape I once had before having kids. I was so happy with my results I did another treatment straight away. The process was even easier because I didn’t need as many zones the second time around and I already knew what to expect. It has now been 4 months since I started my mommy makeover and I couldn’t be happier. My stomach hasn’t been this flat like this in years! I highly recommend this treatment to anyone who has diet and exercise resistant fat.

Here are the photos of my transformation. I’m finally going to enjoy this summer on the beach! Natasha can do the same for you.

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