To Exfoliate. And How. That Is The Question.

July on the blog is all about scrubbing! But we aren’t talking scrubbing your floors, we have 5 blogs that are far more exciting! We are talking scrubbing your skin!

Today we are going to chat types of exfoliation and exfoliation basics. We will be getting into physical exfoliation, chemical exfoliation, body exfoliation and then our month end wrap up! (You know, with those beauty quotes that we hope you love as much as we do!).

By definition, exfoliation involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface. Dead skin is not something we should leave hanging around. When we leave dead skin as is, our skin appears dull. That layer of dead skin absorbs light giving our face a very grey matte appearance. When we remove dead skin, we not only leave our skin fresh but also allow it to function properly. That means the skin will reflect light and appear healthy with a dew-like appearance.

There isn’t a magic list of dos and don’ts for great skin. But when we are talking about avoiding having dry skin there are some basic rules you can follow. Avoiding soaps that will strip your skin leaving it feeling tight and dry. Avoiding hot showers and baths that dry the skin. Moisturising the skin (preferably post bathing when the skin is already moist). Consuming enough water. And lastly, sleep. Click here for a great article on 6 amazing reasons to sleep for the health of your skin.

What little gem can we leave you with today? Lets start small and simple with something you can do tonight. So many people overlook exfoliating their lips! Imagine, something we spend so much time outlining and choosing the perfect shade of red lipstick for, in the end, is left dry and neglected!

The simplest skin exfoliation tip we can give you is this: Mix olive oil and brown sugar to make a paste, apply to your lips and massage for a minute or so. Rinse off with the use of a warm face cloth and enjoy how soft your lips are! (You’re welcome)

We look forward to seeing you next week when we help you understand physical exfoliation and show you what your options are! (We are really excited as it will be a great post featuring both Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and red wine!).

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