Laser Hair Removal

Dermal Laser Centres July 10, 2015

At Dermal Laser, the safety and overall satisfaction of our clients comes first. We have the best safety record in the marketplace and our Certified Laser Technicians use state-of-the-art medical grade equipment to help you achieve the safest and best results possible. Oftentimes, removing unwanted hair improves self-confidence. Self-consciousness is replaced with a convenient shave-free lifestyle that truly makes a difference – inside and out.

Our technology

Palomar_Vectus_1We perform laser hair removal using a medical-grade Diode lasers the Vectus® and the LightSheer® Diode. They are FDA-approved lasers for safe and effective hair removal. Diode lasers have long-term clinical data that documents its ability to reduce hair growth for male and female clients with a range of skin colours and hair types. They can also safely remove hair from all parts of the body (except eyebrows).

The laser produces a beam of highly concentrated near-infrared light that is absorbed by the skin’s pigment via the hair follicles. Our Certified Laser Technicians pulse the laser for a fraction of second, just long enough to vaporize the pigment in the hair and deter future hair growth without damaging the surrounding skin.

Advantages of the Vectus® Laser include:

  • Large spot sizes for fast treatments
  • Skintel® Melanin Reader™, advanced technology, measures the skin’s melanin index that is used to determine the ideal settings for each individual patient. This increases the safety and results for each laser hair removal treatment
  • It also provides advanced contact cooling. As the provider guides the laser handpiece over the treatment area you will feel cooling on the skin. This contact cooling will maximize your comfort during the treatment, making it an extremely tolerable experience.

vectus2        skintel1

Advantages of the LightSheer Diode®  include:

  • Smaller spot size suitable for smaller treatment areas, such as upper lip
  • It also has the built-in Chill Tip, which provides contact cooling to the skin right before the laser pulses through the skin. It works to protect the upper layer of skin and enables the laser’s energy to travel deeper into the hair follicle. Essentially, its job is to make sure your treatment is safe, comfortable, and effective.

In addition, our clients will benefit from our Zimmer® technology which is a Cold Air Device intended to minimize discomfort and thermal injury during and post laser treatments. For most clients, achieving desired results requires 4 to 6 treatments and, perhaps, some touch-ups over time. *Any hair left on the treated area is much lighter and finer than the hair that was originally there.

What to expect

At Dermal Laser, we always put your safety first. At least 24 to 48 hours prior to your first treatment, one of our Certified Laser Technicians will complete a through consultation including your medical history and perform a patch test on the area to be treated. The purpose of the patch test is to ensure that you are a good candidate, and allow you to experience the sensation of the laser. It also provides safe guidelines for the settings to be used during your treatment.

Prior to your laser hair removal treatment, you will be asked to shave the area to be treated the night before. This is to ensure that the laser beam will effectively target the base of the hair follicle. You will also have the option of applying numbing cream (EMLA) to the area prior to your treatment to minimize any potential discomfort. EMLA may be purchased at your local pharmacy.

The success of your laser hair removal treatment is determined by a number of factors:

  • Hair colour – the darker the hair (brown or black), the better the results
  • Any other method of hair removal other than shaving (e.g. waxing, threading, tweezing) must be avoided at least 2-4 weeks before the treatment
  • The area being treated cannot be exposed to the sun 4 weeks prior to the treatment. This includes tanning beds and self-tanners
  • For best result treatment time intervals should be spaced 6-8 weeks apart. Your Technician will provide you with a recommended time to ensure that all the hair follicles are captured in their growth stage.

Come in for a complimentary consultation with one of our technicians to see if Laser Hair Removal is right for you. Call us at 604-638-7546(SKIN) or Book Your Consultation here for more information, medical evaluation, test patch on desired body area and pricing.

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Is laser hair removal safe for my skin?

Yes, your safety is our number one priority. Since laser hair removal uses light to remove the hair it is a totally non-invasive treatment. Our team ensures your safety in a number of ways:

  • we perform a test patch during your consultation, then wait at least 24 hours before your treatment to see if and how your skin reacts to the treatment
  • we conduct a thorough skin assessment and medical evaluation to ensure that you are a prime candidate for laser hair removal
  • we shield your eyes with protective goggles during all laser treatments.
How does laser hair removal work?

Everyone’s hair grows differently depending on age, weight, metabolism, hormones, ethnicity, 
medications, and other factors. But all hair grows in three distinct phases:

  • ANAGEN PHASE: Approximately 15-20% of a person's hair is in this growing stage at any given time. During anagen, the hair has an abundance of melanin (pigment).
  • CATAGEN PHASE: This regressive phase lasts about two weeks. During this time, the hair stops growing and is slowly detaching from its blood supply preparing to shed.
  • TELOGEN PHASE: This resting phase lasts five to six weeks, at the end of which the hair falls out and a new hair begins to grow.

The Vectus® and  LightSheer® Diode lasers are considered two of the most effective lasers at disabling hair growth in the active growth stage known as the anagen phase. Because all hair in a treated area may not be anagen, a series of treatments is necessary to remove the hair that subsequently enters the growth phase
.Hair Cycles

How many treatments are required for permanent hair removal?

We often say that five to seven treatments help to achieve maximum results. However, some areas of the body respond better than others. Dermal Laser provides free consultations to help you understand the hair growth and removal process and what you can expect from your treatment. Only about 20% of your hair is in active growth at any given time, which means that even the best treatments will require multiple sessions.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Our clinic team works to ensure that every laser hair removal client is as comfortable as possible before, during, and after treatment. Everyone has a difference pain tolerance. So it’s important to perform a test patch so you can see how your treatment will feel. Many of our clients prefer to use a topical numbing anesthetic called EMLA for sensitive and larger areas.

* Individual treatment results may vary.